The Crimson Eagle

The Crimson Eagle
Surpassing Every Limit – Transcending All Suffering – Uniting Our Planet
Isaac Mars

On the verge of my spiritual awakening, the Universe revealed many secrets regarding the nature of reality...

…as I awakened to the innate powers of intuition and imagination we all possess. To my absolute astonishment, it became clear that the logic and philosophy I had uncovered held the keys to a brighter era for humanity. With this newfound knowledge, I unlocked the ability to simplistically express the science of spirituality; the nature of our origin. By following my heart, I decided to leave my old life behind to set out on a mission to bring this Universal knowledge to the world. By achieving this dream of mine, we can come together to create a world where science is limited only by our imagination, suffering fades away into our distant memory, and every person from every nation, color, class, creed and any other difference can finally unite under the unifying nature of consciousness.

I AM here

To redefine mainstream science…

To share spiritual and universal knowledge…

To bring Unity Theory to the world…

To bravely speak the truth…

As a Theoretical Physicist, I am sending out a clarion call to any and all scientific minds that are willing to assist me in my endeavors; together, we can share the truth about reality and improve this world with the magic of science! 

As a Spiritual Guide, I am here to freely share my metaphysical information on “Heart Consciousness” with anyone and everyone willing to heal, grow, and transcend the illusion of separation; and by doing so, steadily increase the rate at which we anchor our ideal reality into manifestation.

As an Author, I am doing everything within my power to bring the information of “Unity Theory” to the people of this planet; therefore, if any bright souls would like to help me in this global endeavor, please extend your hand to mine.

As a Public Speaker, I am inviting any and all opportunities to distribute the truth of our reality to the people in an effort to reach as many hearts as possible; whether it be at private gatherings, talk shows, conferences, or stadium-level events, every soul deserves a chance to learn these Universal truths.

In order to share this message with the entire world, I have decided to take a leap of faith on the Universe. I cannot, in good conscience, withhold this new spiritual and scientific knowledge behind monetization. I am choosing to believe in humanity and to allow my abundance to flow only from Love Donations. I Love and appreciate all of you; and I hold deep gratitude for any support you are able to give.


Sedona Cosmic Awakening

April 22-23, 2023

Cosmic Truth: Free Online Event

May 1-5, 2023

DreamScape Sedona

May 19-21, 2023